I just watched the first episode of The Hoarder Next Door on 4oD. The protagonist hoarder is a cross-dressing 55 year old man named Nigel.

I have to admit I couldn’t stop thinking that while it must’ve been a relief to get rid of the insurmountable volume of mouldy cat faeces, my hoarder heart sank a little with the thought that the odd skein of wool might’ve also ended up in the tip along with the collection of vintage sewing machines. The program ends on an up note with Nigel able to invite his friends around for dinner.

Importantly, I think this program helps to destigmatise and increase awareness of mental health issues.

Mental Health Awareness Week is coming up on 21-27 May.

If you have any questions about mental health check out the Mental Health Foundation website.

I also have a friend, Michelle Woodall, who is working as a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Edinburgh. If you fancy getting in contact with her visit her website at counsellor-edingburgh.com. You can also follow Michelle on twitter.

Talking of sewing machines earlier in this post, here’s a photo of some i took which I jazzed up with Pixlr-o-matic:

[sewing machine decor at All Saints near Portobello Market, London]

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